February 12 19:43 2018

Impacto™, Inc. announced today that it has developed a small travel product that will allow for huge dividends to the worldwide traveling public. Impacto™ is a Spandex Sleeve that acts as a Mobile Billboard on both sides of a 20-inch carry-one and on a 28-inch cargo-hold piece of luggage. The Spandex Sleeve protects your luggage and gives participants the opportunity to gain free services, free travel perks, free food and beverages while travelling the world.  Now travelers can choose from paid baggage fees to free coffee, seat choice fees, sandwiches, rental cars, travel insurance, hotels rooms, newspapers, magazines and tons more.  Impacto™is the first travel company to give back to US and World Travelers while traveling on commercial airlines, trains, buses and cruise ships. Impacto™ has developed a truly simple patented idea that will change the way we travel.

Impacto™simply slides onto your luggage like a sweater and protects your luggage investment and touts advertisers. Those participating ad partners allow folks who place the sleeve onto their bags the opportunity to gain access to the largest free travel program in the world. This combination, on a small-product, allows for humungous gift opportunities tobe obtained by the traveling public. It is proven to also ease the stress and anxiousness while traveling.

The Impacto™ Sleeve comes in two sizes.  On one side of the sleeve has a major sponsor or aparticipating Airline, cruise ship, train or bus that offers a major deal, on the other up to 12 other participating advertisers offering instant services and products.  For example an Airline can offer instant free cabin upgrades, added miles or points, payment of traveler’s bags fees and seat selection fees just for participating. 

Impacto™ sleeve partners are airlines, rental car companies, hotels and bed and breakfasts, Uber, Cell phone companies, Travel Insurance companies, Restaurants, Fast food, Coffee, Ice Cream companies, Travel clothing, Travel merchandise, Travel Tech gadgets and Mobile travel apps. All IMPACTO™ partners use an Earned Media Platform.  Impacto™ gets paid by the usage of travelers redeeming their freebies, coupons, their free baggage fees, their added mileage and their discounts.  

Cost of the Impacto™ 20 inch protective Sleeve is $29.99 and $49.99 for the 20 inch and 28 inch sleeve combination.  Investment return in one year depending on how many times you travel could be in the $thousands.

“I have traveled over 2 million miles through the air, over land and sea; it is not a wonderful experience as it once was 30 years ago.  We came up with something simple to take the stress away and give travelers something special that can ease the pain a little as they travel and we have made it a win-win for all involved,” said Impacto’s CEO, Gary German.


IMPACTO™, Inc. is an international corporation that is currently in 15 countries worldwide.  IMPACTO™ is based in Honolulu, Hawaii and Orlando, FL. IMPACTO™ has over 8 digital footprints under its aggressive Travel Ecosystem that are positioned for global travelers. IMPACTO™ also manufactures the first 2-piece set of Smart Luggage with retractable wheels! IMPACTO™ will soon release Airmon, its first Artificial Intelligent Voice Recognition travel assistant. 

You can reach Gary German, Founder of IMPACTOdirectly at 407-496-1183-cellular or via [email protected]

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